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Daniel Carcillo opens up about rough transition into life after hockey

Daniel Carcillo opens up about rough transition into life after hockey

Daniel Carcillo thought he had perfect plan for retirement when he decided to hang up his skates after his last season with the Chicago Blackhawks.
But Carcillo discovered the hard way his plan wasn’t so perfect. He fell into a deep depression, was angry for unknown reasons, didn’t want to watch hockey any longer and lost the motivation to build his non-profit organization Chapter 5 Foundation. That all lasted for nine months.

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My Transition Season

My Transition Season

When I committed to signing with the Chicago Blackhawks for the 2014/2015 season it was anything but conventional. I was actually on a plane from Detroit back to Pittsburgh, (I was on a Professional Try Out with the Penguins) when I received a message from Stan Bowman and my then agent, Kevin Epp, saying they wanted to bring me back. I was excited and committed immediately because my fiancé, who was pregnant with my son at the time, grew up here and I have always loved and felt comfortable in the city of Chicago.

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